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Rose-Wood Aircraft Completions

Full-service aircraft interior and exterior refurbishment and painting center. Offering a complete range of services; individually tailored for even the most discriminating of tastes.

Rose-Wood Completions founders


Rose-Wood Completions founders

Rose-Wood Aircraft Completions was founded in 2018 by Kent Rose and Larry Wood. Together, the two share in-depth experience in all facets of the aircraft industry. Kent’s career experience is in aircraft refurbishment and Larry’s is in aircraft acquisition and sales, making them the dynamic duo for a full-service aircraft completions business.

In their time working on refurbishing hundreds of aircraft together, Kent and Larry recognized a vital missing link in the aviation community: The ability to provide aircraft refurbishment with exceptional quality, fair price, and minimal downtime. Thus, Rose-Wood Completions was born.

Kent Rose and Larry Wood have each individually made aviation their life’s work. Now together, the two will continue to vastly impact the aircraft industry with their dedicated work ethic, exceptional customer service, superior quality, and unsurpassed downtime.

“Aircraft completions are hard work; finding a capable completion center shouldn’t be”

The aircraft refurbishment and refit process is a major event in the life of your aircraft and it’s never too early to start planning. Rely on Rose-Wood Completions to execute all of your interior and exterior wants and needs. Contact us, we have solutions!


Rose-Wood Aircraft Completions specializes in the refit of aircraft interior refurbishment and exterior paint refinishing. From complete interior retrofits to any combination of partial refurbishment needs, every job is important. We approach every job with outstanding customer service and quality.

Need aircraft maintenance or avionics? We can coordinate with top-notch maintenance and avionics services to meet your needs. Need your plane picked up or delivered? We can provide pilot services for most corporate aircraft. No matter the need, we’ve got you covered.

Interior • Exterior • Paint • Maintenance • Avionics

Client Testimonials

“Rose-Wood Completions is an excellent choice for your next aircraft refurbishment.  They were on time, on budget, and attention to every single detail is unmatched.  I have had more than 15 aircraft refurbished over the past twenty five years at various shops, none can match the quality we just experienced at Rose-Wood Completions.”

Greg Gilleland • GPK Aviation

Client Testimonials

“The  effort  of  the  Rose-Wood  team  to  take  a  few  ideas  and  deliver  this  result with vision  and  craftsmanship  was  tremendous.   From  the  first  day  to  the  last  it  was  the  best  business  experience  of  my  career.   The  attention  to  every  small  detail  and  quality  of  the  work  surprised  me.    I  am  totally  delighted  and  couldn’t  write  the  check  fast  enough!  They are absolute  professionals”.

Alan Gillespie


Client Testimonials

“We had our Bravo done by Rose-Wood and could not have asked for better service or quality. The job was on budget and on time and as we know; time is money. I give the team at Rose-Wood a 10 out of 10!”

Bill Heim

Client Testimonials

“We have worked with, and have personally known, Kent Rose for over 20 years. We have had no reservations about using him to help us save time and money on all of our aircraft refurbishment needs. We have always been very impressed with Kent’s knowledge, attention to detail as well as cost saving value. His experience is irreplaceable and we plan to continue our relationship with Rose-Wood Completions for many years to come.”

Jay Gantt • Gantt Aviation


Client Testimonials

“I consider it a great honor to have done business with Kent Rose over the past 30+ years.  During that time, I can’t remember a single time where Kent was less than forthright and honest with me.  He has a wonderfully creative and determined “aircraft interiors mind” that he’s shared with us many times to help us improve our products and services.  He works tirelessly to make his customers happy, which is also how he handles his vendors.  I look forward to working with Kent for years to come.”

Jerffrey R. Lowe • AvFab Airmotive

Client Testimonials

“Our company has worked with Kent Rose for over 17 years. With his help and expertise, we have accomplished major interior refurbishments, avionics and entertainment system upgrades, and new exterior paint. Kent is the kind of person who is still there when everyone else goes home. His knowledge of the industry is extensive. It is with extreme confidence that we recommend Kent and his services to our clients.”

Kim Adams Emery