Aircraft Exterior Paint Refurbishment

Rose-Wood meets all the aircraft exterior paint refurbishment services and repair needs.

This includes services ranging from complete paint to partial paint, registration number changes, painting wings, adding or repainting existing stripes, and much more! Below is our step-by-step process on how we uniquely care for each aircraft that comes through our state of the art hangers.

Step One: Aircraft Inspection and Strip

Aircraft Exterior paint refurbishment


Upon arrival the aircraft is received and inspected. Providing complete financial and project process expectations to our customers are of vital importance to Rose-Wood. In order to accomplish this, we offer a complete list of discrepancies and expeditious pricing upon aircraft arrival.

Masking the aircraft for paint removal starts immediately, as does the removal of flight controls. After masking completion, the aircraft is stripped with a environmentally-safe peroxide stripper.

Step Two: Aircraft Cleaning and Preparation


Once all the paint stripper is rinsed off, the aircraft is once again inspected for any issues with the aluminum and composite skins. In the event there are a few areas that need body filler or attention, Rose-Wood offers 20 hours of body work at no additional charge.

The metal is sanded to remove any residue and paint left over from the stripping of the aircraft. Composites are sanded and prepped as required, along with paint removal from all flight controls.

The aircraft is washed with a alkaline neutralizing soap and the metal etching process applied. Once completed, the aircraft gets treated with Alodine and an epoxy chromate primer.


Step Three: Aircraft Exterior Painting



The aircraft receives three overall coats of Akzo Nobel alumni-grip base paint and is then laid out with the new customer-approved scheme. Following the base paint, trim colors are applied to the aircraft.

We don’t know if the Devil is in the Detail’s, but we do know that quality sure is. Extra effort is put into cleaning and detailing behind each access panel. Wheel and flight control wells are just as important as the rest of the plane; great detail is taken to prep and paint these areas. This includes an additional cleaning and detailing to the gears and wheels. The process is then concluded by the application of all required placecards and removal of any and all blemishes or imperfections.

Step Four: Aircraft Delivery


Concluding the completion of all painting projects, each aircraft is inspected by our owners and supervisors to ensure that the aircraft has been completed in an exceptional manner and is ready for delivery.


Rose-Wood Completions specializes in all aircraft exterior paint refurbishment and refinishing needs. From complete aircraft retrofits to any combination of partial refits, every job is important. We recognize the necessity to combine as many services as possible while your aircraft is down for painting. We can coordinate with top-notch maintenance and avionics services to meet your needs. Maybe you need your plane relocated to us for refurbishment? Guess what? We can provide pilot services for most corporate aircraft. Regardless of the scope of your particular need, we’ve got you covered.